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Abel’s Field

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Abel’s Field
Abel’s Field

Left motherless by tragedy and fatherless by abandonment, high school senior Seth McArdle (Samuel Davis) is under enormous pressure to support his young twin sisters. At home, he has no one to turn to. At work, he struggles to earn enough money to make ends meet. And at school, he endures the daily bullying from members of the football team.

When Seth fights back, he’s singled out by the football coach and assigned to an after-school work detail. Laboring alongside reserved groundskeeper Abel (Kevin Sorbo) to get the football field ready for the big game, Seth is surprised to discover that Abel understands his struggles and his dreams. Abel encourages Seth to ask out popular Katie and even steps in to babysit so Seth can go out on the date. Yet as dark circumstances lure Seth toward a desperate decision, a reluctant Abel could be the one person who points him back toward the light.

Special Features

  • From the Sidelines: The Making of Abel's Field


Kevin Sorbo, Samuel Davis, Richard Dillard, Nicole Elliott, Catie and Ellie Duff


Gordie Haakstad


Aron Flasher

Affirm Films
Provident Films

for thematic elements, brief violence and a smoking image


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